This sterilizer has stylish aesthetics and enhanced features that perfectly complements today’s Cannabis Testing Lab Workbench. Only $1,299.

The Bench Top Autoclave Sterilizing Appliance for Cannabis Testing Labs

If you need to sterilize liquids and media or eliminate the risk of cross infection through contaminated tools or solutions, then this is the autoclave that offers a Cannabis Testing Labs a professional, reliable, safe and affordable solution.

A controlled cycle profile ensures that, when used a convenient and personalized solution to media sterilization and a flexible alternative to larger, communal autoclaves.

Key Features

  • Suitable for media sterilization and also destructive sterilization
  • Small footprint – occupies only a small area of bench space
  • Easy to use with a simple, single button cycle start
  • Fully compliant to all relevant standards
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Works with standard 230 or 110V electrical supply
  • Optional printer for data capture
  • Only one consumable item – the sealing gasket

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Safety as standard

  • Built-in safety mechanism which prevents the lid from being opened until the internal temperature has fallen below 80°C.
  • Multiple safety devices protect against over temperature and over pressure situations
  • Eliminates the risk of thermal shock to superheated vessels, ensuring that glassware is protected
  • Controls cooling to ensure that there is no boil over of liquids

Fully Automatic 
With one fixed cycle pre-programmed and fully automatic.
There is no need for operator programming of cycle parameters. There is no need for constant supervision of the unit during the cycle meaning staff are free to undertake other activities. Special software accurately controls the temperature and pressure during the cycle, ensuring that operating parameters are accurate and cycle profiles are repeatable.

Reliability This Bench Top Autoclave offers an unrivaled combination of ease of use, cost effectiveness and the highest level of reliability. This ensures that your cannabis testing lab sterilizer, if maintained and used in accordance with the recommended procedures, will give many years of safe and repeatable use.