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New Sterilizer Setup

After you have received your new sterilizer from Follow these easy steps to set up your new Cannabis Testing Lab Sterilizer. Be sure to schedule weekly Biologic monitoring,  monthly cleaning with AlfaClean, and an annual onsite service call by a certified sterilizer repair technician 

To make sure that you get the most out of your cannabis Testing Lab sterilizer, suggests you contact them first make sure you get the right size and type sterilizer for your Cannabis Testing Lab needs.

Once your new Cannabis Testing Lab sterilizer arrives carefully unpack it and place it on the counter where it will be used. Be sure to leave an inch or so against the wall to allow for Optimum airflow, now you're ready to plug it in and begin setting it up according to the attached instructions. If your sterilizer is a tabletop model make sure that you have distilled water for the sterilization process.

After you have read the enclosed instructions that came with your Cannabis Testing Lab sterilizer it's time to run your first cycle. The first thing to do is to fill the reservoir with the distilled water and then start the sterilization process. Use one of your class 5 integrators in the first cycle to validate your Cannabis Testing Labs sterilizers sterility.

Once the first cycle is complete, the item sterilized and check the integrator for a pass indication. Your new Cannabis Testing Labs Sterilizer should be ready for use. 

Every week you should want a biological indicator test, every month you should clean your sterilizer with Alpha clean and you should plan on annual service calls by trained and certified sterilizer repair technicians. If You have any question call and have an expert give you the answer you need.