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Prestige Classic Mobile Bench-Top - Only $1,299

Market Forge Sterilmatic Large Cannabis Testing Lab Sterilizer

Market Forge is ideally suited for Cannabis Testing Labs

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Whenever a question or a problem comes up, is here to offer you FREE telephone consultation to evaluate and correct both simple and complicated issues. goal is to lead, to advise, and to serve you ... the customer, and to give you the most complete and un-biased recommendation as far as the best ways to use sterilizers and to bring about the outcome...the advantage...the result you want, need and desire.

When you call us, you'll discover why thousands of satisfied customers are still counting on us as their "Sterilizer Experts". is proud to support Cannabis Testing Labs and Cultivators.  

We offer the best pricing of products to cannabis testing laboratories, which include New, Refurbished and Used Autoclaves, Sterilizers, Parts, Repairs, Maintenance and Accessories has been a one-stop shop for best new or refurbished autoclaves since 1986. Sold at the the best price with expert advice. also sells autoclave repair services, parts and accessories like spore testing, replacement racks and trays, ultrasonic cleaners, water distillers and more. If you have any other questions please feel free to call (800) 801-9934 Your sterilizer experts with over 40 years of sterilizer experience. 

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Market Forge STERILMATIC STEAM STERILIZERS for Cannabis Testing Labs
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Bench Top Autoclave Sterilizing Appliance for Cannabis Testing Labs
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Featured Sterilizer On Sale
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Best Selling Cannabis Testing Lab Sterilizers

Top Loading Cannabis Testing Lab Sterilizer Hirayama-HVE-50

Hirayama-HVE-50 Top Loading Cannabis Testing Lab Sterilizer


  • Top Loading sterilizersterilizers is very popular for tree reasson:

    1. Hirayama-HVE-50 is mobile
      Can be moved anywhere in the lab
    2. Hirayama-HVE-50 has a vertical chamber
      Excellent for taller flasks or vials
    3. Hirayama-HVE-50 totally automatic
      It is plug and play

Frequently Asked Questions About Cannabis Testing Laboratory Sterilizers

  • Question - How can I schedule a free consultation about my cannabis lab sterilizer? 
    Call our 24-Hour helpline (877) 836-4180 anytime to set up time. We will call you back the same or next business day.
  • Question - Buying from an Internet store can be sketchy - what are your guarantees?
      Answer - We have a long list of happy customers and testimonials, but that aside our store is the most complete source of sterilizer and autoclaves as well as parts. If you get the wrong part, call us , we will make sure you get what you need and give credit for the error.
  • Question - Can your preventive maintenance program be bundled with the sale price?  
      Answer  -  All sterilizers come with a factory warranty, but we can add on a PM agreement for as long as the client wants.
  • Question What is your return policy?
      Answer  -  Satisfaction Guaranteed.  Call for refund authorization. Shipping and restocking fees may apply. 
Sterilizers, testing supplies, repair services, and parts for Cannabis Testing Laboratories
TUTTNAUER 3870EA W/Printer -Largest automatic table top autoclave.
The Market Forge Sterilmatic STME Autoclave208V 3PHASE, 3 WIRE, 60HZ
HVE-50 Self-contained, Portable, Top-Loading Autoclaves With Auto Exhaust and Warming Cycles. 
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Founded in 1976 the company sells and repairs Sterilizers used by Research Laboratories, Medical, and Dental Offices. The company owned several sterilizer and autoclave manufacturers including Vernitron and the Cox Dry Heat Sterilizer. The business grew by manufacturing, selling and distributing sterilizers. Until February of 2011 when a fire destroyed their factory. After selling the remaining assets the company focused on building the business as a national source for supplier of new and refurbished sterilizer, autoclaves, sterilizer parts and local on-site repair services nationally.

On-Site Local Sterilizer Repair and Maintenance Services

We supply locally trained techs who do onsite to repair for your sterilizers. We are available for future issues should they arise.

Our service is very competitive, we can usually be there the next day, and as sterilizer experts we solve the problem and wont leave until your satisfied.

Call (877) 836-4180 for more info or use our contact form.


Onsite Sterilizer Repairs

Sterilizer Parts and Supplies is the place to come for Parts for all sterilizers and autoclaves. We have over 85 years of experience and know where to find parts for any sterilizer and or autoclave. 

Supplies, including testing, validation and sterilizer bags are available in all sizes and for all types of sterilizers dry heat, steam or gas.


Call (877) 836-4180 for more info or use our contact form.


Onsite Sterilizer Repairs